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The Junketeers

The Junkman

Peter Huber

Perspectives on the Junk Science Movement

Saving the Planet With Pestilent Statistics, a PR Watch article about junketeers Dennis Avery and Steven Milloy.

Show Me The Science!, an article from the Environmental Working Group's Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research.

The Skeptic's Dictionary has a section on Junk Science and some comments about the "Junkman"

The Anti-environmental myths page, by Jim Norton.

Other Perspectives on "Junk Science"

Truth in Justice is concerned with another form of junk science in the courtroom: police and prosecutorial misconduct, and the use of flawed science to convict innocent people.

The BadScience page is concerned with common problems in science teaching. There is no apparent political bias, although the maintainer has strong opinions about science teaching.

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